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Q1 2022

Series 1

Otherwise referred to as our “Classic” series. Although closed, homes can still be purchased on

HomeBot – Wallet Verification

HomeBot is your friendly neighborhood discord bot. Currently HomeBot can be used to verify home ownership.

More functionality will be added as we grow.

Q2 2022

Expanding Team

The localhome team has brought on some new talent, expanding our original team of 3 to 5. This includes an additional model designer and a digital marketer.

HomeBot – Leaderboard

Leaderboard on our site showing total home energy scores.

Home Viewer

Explore the homes you’ve purchased by connecting your wallet to the site.

Series 2 – Retro Futurism Sci-fi

This series contains some fun space themed models hand crafted from our in house design team. With some all new attributes and style, you’ll be the center of the metaverse.

⚡Energy Token

We will be releasing our Energy related utility token that will be the main currency within the localhome realm.

Additional Series – TBA

Q3 2022

Energy Token Pre-Launch Airdrop

All homeowners will be airdropped energy tokens based on their combined home energy scores.

⚡Energize Localhome Network

This is it. Using the various Energy related attributes found in our collections, homeowners will be able to generation passive income using our native Energy Token.

Additional Series – TBA

Q4 2022